Register your interest to volunteer at Egypt 2021

Seize the opportunity to join our team of volunteers for the different organizational committees at Egypt 2021, the 27th IHF Men’s World Championship.
The tournament will take place from 13-31 January, 2021, and it will be the biggest in edition in the championship's history. For the first time, 32 teams will compete instead of 24. Registration deadline is 22 August, 2020.
The personal interviews start on 25 August, 2020.
The tournament’s matches will be played at four indoor halls:
- Cairo Stadium Halls Complex
- New Capital Sports Hall
- Borg El Arab Alexandria Sports Hall
- 6th of October Giza Sports Hall

Means of contact:
Volunteers will be contacted primarily through e-mail.
You will get an e-mail confirmation that tournament organizers have received your completed application.
A time and date for a personal interview will then be set up, and you will need to confirm the date, so please keep a close eye on your inbox once your volunteer request has been accepted. A personal code will be sent via e-mail.
The assigned tasks, training, and the tournament's instructions will be also sent via e-mail until the end of the tournament.

What will the volunteer gain through their participation?
As a volunteer, you will be part of a truly epic international sporting event. You will be part of the team that makes the tournament run smoothly and helps create a long-lasting memory that befits Egypt’s rich history.
Volunteers will develop their personal and communication skills working as a team, solving problems in an energetic environment while interacting with people from various cultures and different nationalities.
Volunteers will receive an Appreciation Certificate at the end of the tournament.
The volunteer's formal uniform
Please note the organizing committee will not pay for accommodations for volunteers from outside a city hosting the event.
Please follow these instructions before attending the personal interviews:
Follow precautionary measures against the coronavirus, such as wearing a facemask to the interview and following the organizing committee’s instructions.
Please keep the personal code that will be sent via e-mail.
Bring a personal photo when you attend the interview.
Arrive for the interview at the exact time you received in your e-mail.

For any other inquiries, please contact us via:
[email protected]
The link for the Egypt 2021 volunteers' application is now closed. Submitted applications are currently being reviewed.